You don't require a physician referral to request my services. as I accept self-referrals.

I also accept referrals from healthcare providers, including physicians, psychiatrists, physio- occupational,  and massage therapists.

As professionals, you may use a form of your own (with your own stamp) or, if you wish, you may use mine. Click "Referral Form" on the next line.

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Rob works out of Integrated Health.  Availability is reflected in the online booking system through Integrated Health.  If this availability doesn't coincide with your schedule, please click here.


Sunset LB

Referrals can be emailed or faxed to Squamish Integrated Health and a referral form is on this as well as the SIH site.

If you wish to refer yourself, I provide a free 15 minute telephone consultation which can be booked through the office for Integrated Health (tel. number 604.567.2666). If there is a more convenient time for you to speak with me, please fill out the contact form below and submit it to Squamish Integrated Health. The purpose of the 15 min telephone consultation is for you to get a sense of how I work and for me to get a sense of what difficulties you're experience and how I might be of help. At the end of our contact, my hope is that you are better able to decide on whether you want to proceed to book and appointment with me. 

Squamish Integrated Health